New Youtube Channel!

Part of being a creative means wearing many hats at the same time and forcing yourself to be a renaissance woman. I constantly feel like I’m trying to be ten people at once. I have to be an artist, a marketing expert, an editor, a branding specialist, a copywriter, a licensing agent, a photographer, a videographer and … oh right…. a mother of three. No problem.

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned more about the videorgrapher hat that I must wear, since, as my husband puts it…. “Video is King!” And while I’m certainly a beginner and I’m just treading water through this experience, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m proud to say that I’ve started my own Youtube channel which will include little “Two-Minute Tutorials” or “Quickie Classes” (Which one do you like better? Comment below and let me know!)

My plan is to post a new 2-3 minute video each week for your viewing pleasure, at least while the momentum lasts. I’m sure having fun in the process.