One of the things I’m passionate about is poetry. But not serious…. “Edgar Allan Poe” / “Robert Frost” type of poetry. The rhymes and rhythms of children’s stories. I’m not a super confident person but I feel like a I can say that I have a knack for writing these little ditties, ranging from 4 lines of quirky cuteness to full stories. This could be because I’ve read an average of 3 children’s books per day over the last 9 years to my three kids. I know the appropriate length per page and book. I know the flow that it has to have. I know where the climax should be, or at least I feel like I do. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, not uncommon for me, and couldn’t stop thinking about new stories and ideas and rhymes and lines. I grabbed my phone and wrote them down. And thank goodness I did because I’d completely forgotten about them until I glanced at my phone’s ‘notes’ today.

One of these days I’ll take what I’ve written (several short stories and stanzas), illustrate them and try to have them published! That’s a scary but very exciting thought.

Some of the children’s authors that have inspired my writing the most are:

- Mary Ann Hoberman - PLEASE read ‘The Seven Silly Eaters’ - my absolute favourite children’s book. Also, one of the best illustrated children’s books of all time in my opinion.

- Shel Silverstein - ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ - SO clever and inspiring.

- Alice Schertle - ‘The Little Blue Truck’ - Just darn cute and my youngest’s favourite. We’ve warn this one out.

- Barbara Reid - ‘Fox Walked Alone’ - Fellow Canadian and amazing artist.

Check out these books and read them to your littles. They’re just so great. Bedtimes books has been one of the best things about being a mom. And even though my oldest is 9 this month (!) he still loves it. I hope they always do.

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