Welcome everyone to my blog! I'm Caverly Smith, the artist and surface pattern designer, and I can't wait to share my creative journey with you!  

I was born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada where I have always lived and breathed art. I obsessed as a child and like so many, my notebooks and even textbooks (oops!) were covered in drawings. I went to Sheridan College and got my degree in Illustration and Fine Art. After graduation, I married my sweetheart and we moved to Nova Scotia where I worked as a freelance illustrator. Since then, I've done everything from drawing classes, having an art booth at a Farmer's Market, displaying original oil paintings in an art gallery in Halifax, and most recently I've released fabric collections through RJR fabrics with my sister in law, Julia Wentzell. 

Over the years, I've dabbled in all kinds of styles of artwork and media. I believe a true artist tries all kinds of things before finding their niche and where they feel they fit and excel. Going to Sheridan really taught me that, and the style that I feel that comes naturally to me is a line and wash style of watercolour, using ink pens for detail and contour work, and washes for colour and depth. My background in illustration has really influenced my technique and the floral patterns (that I absolutely love doing) combine a vintage and antique feel with a fresh twist of modernity.

My husband and I have three adorable and hilarious kids, who inspire my storybook style.