New Youtube Channel!

Part of being a creative means wearing many hats at the same time and forcing yourself to be a renaissance woman. I constantly feel like I’m trying to be ten people at once. I have to be an artist, a marketing expert, an editor, a branding specialist, a copywriter, a licensing agent, a photographer, a videographer and … oh right…. a mother of three. No problem.

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned more about the videorgrapher hat that I must wear, since, as my husband puts it…. “Video is King!” And while I’m certainly a beginner and I’m just treading water through this experience, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m proud to say that I’ve started my own Youtube channel which will include little “Two-Minute Tutorials” or “Quickie Classes” (Which one do you like better? Comment below and let me know!)

My plan is to post a new 2-3 minute video each week for your viewing pleasure, at least while the momentum lasts. I’m sure having fun in the process.



One of the things I’m passionate about is poetry. But not serious…. “Edgar Allan Poe” / “Robert Frost” type of poetry. The rhymes and rhythms of children’s stories. I’m not a super confident person but I feel like a I can say that I have a knack for writing these little ditties, ranging from 4 lines of quirky cuteness to full stories. This could be because I’ve read an average of 3 children’s books per day over the last 9 years to my three kids. I know the appropriate length per page and book. I know the flow that it has to have. I know where the climax should be, or at least I feel like I do. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, not uncommon for me, and couldn’t stop thinking about new stories and ideas and rhymes and lines. I grabbed my phone and wrote them down. And thank goodness I did because I’d completely forgotten about them until I glanced at my phone’s ‘notes’ today.

One of these days I’ll take what I’ve written (several short stories and stanzas), illustrate them and try to have them published! That’s a scary but very exciting thought.

Some of the children’s authors that have inspired my writing the most are:

- Mary Ann Hoberman - PLEASE read ‘The Seven Silly Eaters’ - my absolute favourite children’s book. Also, one of the best illustrated children’s books of all time in my opinion.

- Shel Silverstein - ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ - SO clever and inspiring.

- Alice Schertle - ‘The Little Blue Truck’ - Just darn cute and my youngest’s favourite. We’ve warn this one out.

- Barbara Reid - ‘Fox Walked Alone’ - Fellow Canadian and amazing artist.

Check out these books and read them to your littles. They’re just so great. Bedtimes books has been one of the best things about being a mom. And even though my oldest is 9 this month (!) he still loves it. I hope they always do.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.09.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.08.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.20.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.21.25 AM.png

New Year and New Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas season and a happy new year with loved ones. We rang in the new year with friends and snow storm. Today, I sent my kids to school in -30C weather. I wasn’t even sure they should be leaving the house! Northern Ontario is no joke.

Things calmed down after the Christmas break and I had some time to consider my resolutions, and what I want the new year to look like. While I had nothing really to complain about from 2018, I know that I want more from myself and for my business. Sometimes I’m completely terrified of change and progress but I’m determined to really give this a go and see where I can take it. I’m so tired of seeing other peoples’ posts of lovely paintings and illustrations and ideas, and all the while thinking, “ I could have done that”..and.. “why aren’t doing things like that?” I’m done with that. I’m going to start DOING and not just DREAMING.

So here we go. Here are my New Years resolutions;

  1. SLEEP TRAIN my toddler! While this seems unrelated to my art and business, it’s completely related. I can’t tell you what a difference a solid nights sleep makes to my progress and work ethic during the day. I have bad sleepers in my house, but I’m determined to overcome that hurtle. We’re already on the way to better things. He’s down to only getting up once in the night and that’s a miracle as far as I’m concerned.

  2. CREATE. EVERY. DAY. I’ve seen that this is a common resolution among the illustrators, and surface pattern designers that I follow and boy is it a good one. It’s so easy to feel completely overwhelmed when you want to reach your goals. I have so SO many things I want to accomplish and experiment with and it feels like at this pace I’d never get anything done. But you create something, anything, every day, I think I’ll be surprised at just how much I was able to do over the course of a week/month/year. Sometimes it will just be a flower or stem in a sketchbook, but that’s ok.

  3. Experiment and branch out. I’m a huge chicken. I hate phone calls. I hate confrontation. I hate risk. This is going to be a hard one for me, but look out 2019. I’m going to give it a go. This will take the shape of reaching out and making some new contacts, experiment with subject matter, writing, and building an organized and specifically directed portfolio and making that available online. I feel like I’ve listened to so many skill share classes, and youtube channels, podcasts, read blogs, and interviews. I know what to do. I know the next step. I just have to put my working girl pants on and do it!

So that’s it! Wish me luck as I tackle these resolutions and try to be brave! And stay tuned for some new and exciting things! I’m going to post as I go.



I am so excited to share the newest fabric collection from Briar Hill Designs (my fabric design business with my sister-in-law, Julia Wentzell)! The line is called “BEQUEST”.


A Bequest is something given or transmitted from the past. An heirloom. A legacy. An antique. We used these precious items as our inspiration behind these 20 blue and white prints. Each of the print names go along with our theme: ‘Hope Chest’, ‘Looking Glass’, ‘Loom’, ‘Music Box’, etc. We had such a blast naming them.


The blue on blues in this collection make it ridiculously easy to use in designing a project. I’m not a sewer. I wish I were, and perhaps someday I’ll be able to. But even I (“no-sew-Caverly”) can work with this collection. Any print combo looks amazing, and we’re thrilled about it!

The collection will be released to fabric stores in November; just in time for Christmas ;)



Welcome everyone to my blog! I'm Caverly Smith, the artist and surface pattern designer, and I can't wait to share my creative journey with you!  

I was born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada where I have always lived and breathed art. I obsessed as a child and like so many, my notebooks and even textbooks (oops!) were covered in drawings. I went to Sheridan College and got my degree in Illustration and Fine Art. After graduation, I married my sweetheart and we moved to Nova Scotia where I worked as a freelance illustrator. Since then, I've done everything from drawing classes, having an art booth at a Farmer's Market, displaying original oil paintings in an art gallery in Halifax, and most recently I've released fabric collections through RJR fabrics with my sister in law, Julia Wentzell. 

Over the years, I've dabbled in all kinds of styles of artwork and media. I believe a true artist tries all kinds of things before finding their niche and where they feel they fit and excel. Going to Sheridan really taught me that, and the style that I feel that comes naturally to me is a line and wash style of watercolour, using ink pens for detail and contour work, and washes for colour and depth. My background in illustration has really influenced my technique and the floral patterns (that I absolutely love doing) combine a vintage and antique feel with a fresh twist of modernity.

My husband and I have three adorable and hilarious kids, who inspire my storybook style.